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Ways to improve Online Teaching Process

Online courses have become the new fad amongst students and teachers. Learning online helps to improve digital literacy as it provides students with an insight into how to be effective online and communicate with content, peers, and lecturers. The online classroom is different enough from the traditional, offline one, so teachers need to create courses for digital delivery that are fundamentally different from those they teach on campus. Apart from creating online courses, it’s important to make sure that delivering those courses is easy and effective. Here are some listed ways on how you can improve online teaching:

  1. Know the technology

This is important for everyone. Both teachers and students should take their time to familiarize themselves with emerging technology. Learning to use new online-platforms and getting accustomed to digital devices is important to make online learning smooth.

2. Use a proper online teaching platform

Ways to improve online teaching process

The platform being used in online-teaching can make a lot of difference in how effective the online sessions are. A proper online-teaching platform ensures that both teaching and learning are carried on smoothly with no hassles. It ensures that the course has a coherent structure and that materials are well organized.

3. Take feedback from students

Feedbacks help in two ways:

  1. First, they tell the teacher if students faced any problem while the online-class was being conducted. This helps the teachers to improve upon themselves.

  2. Secondly, positive feedback from a student inspires teachers to keep growing while continuing to improve their teaching gradually. Teachers can check in with their students to see how things are going. They should work upon the feedback and make course corrections as necessary.

Ways to improve online teaching process

4. Provide timely feedback to students

Giving comprehensive feedbacks to students tends to add value to their learning. Monitoring students’ progress on a regular basis makes sure they are all staying on track.

This will ensure student-teacher communication and keep students enthusiastic about learning and growing.

5. Make e-learning content mobile

Ways to improve online teaching process

Make sure your eLearning content can be easily accessed via smartphones, laptops, and tablets to maximize your teaching. Mobile learning holds advantages for learners, allowing them to access up-to-date course materials and relevant content anywhere, anytime. Teachers should make sure you test their material on smartphones and tablets before lectures so all text is readable on all screens. Font sizes, colors, template designs, and screen ratios can be double-checked

6. Offer multiple ways to learn

Teaching should not be limited to just online lectures and notes. Traditional classrooms offer little in terms of flexibility. Students are boxed in, and too often many fall behind. With online teaching, teachers can offer innovative and interesting ways to deliver the content. Most management systems provide the options to hold quizzes, group discussions, web conferencing, powerpoints with voice-overs etc., and teachers should use them. This will make learning more fun, and students will be able to grasp things better when learning is interactive.

7. Using automatic grading to save time

Ways to improve online teaching process

Time is crucial, for both teachers and students. The benefit of online teaching is that it can save us a lot of time and energy. Teachers can use automatic grading (provided by most of the management systems) to ensure that papers are graded fast and with no errors.


There are numerous tools and strategies for interacting with students, like web-conferencing platforms, course audio and video tools, and collaborative tools that allow interaction. There are simply more ways to communicate, to collaborate and to create. Teacher and learners should make use of them to maximize teaching and learning. Online teaching can be very flexible and effective if done properly.

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