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How to simplify the process of conducting online tests for educators

How to simplify the process of conducting online tests for educators?

Conducting online tests is better than offline mode because it saves a lot of energy, time, and resources. Correction in online tests is comparatively easier than offline tests. Studying is important, but what’s more important is to analyze how much are you actually learning. Tests help us to evaluate our performance and motivate us to improve and keep moving forward. Today, digital education is making its way into the education system of India and is taking the place of traditional classroom training. This is a good opportunity to improve our methods of teaching and learning, and hence shift from classroom teaching to online platforms.

Hence, Rootworkz Pecan Learn makes sure that students keep their learning curve going with its advanced solutions for e-learning as well as online tests. It has many features that help in conducting online tests easily, and it makes it easier for students to attempt the tests! Some of them are listed below –

1. Easy creation of online tests by educators:

Creating tests can be a lot of hassle. The teacher has to set up the question paper, get it printed for every student, take care that the printing quality is good, etc. This can usually take up a lot of time and resources. But, creating online tests with Rootworkz Pecan Learn is easy and user-friendly. The teacher just has to create a test, set-up

How to simplify the process of conducting online tests

the questions, and voila! rest will be taken care of by us. As Rootworkz PecanLearn can operate on multiple devices such as laptops, desktops, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones, online tests with Rootworkz can be very effective because they can be created and attempted on any device.

2. Interactive questions:

The questions need not be just plain text or numbers. They can also include images or other files that will make questions more interactive and interesting. But in online tests, questions will have crisp clear images, which makes it very easy for the student to attempt the question without whining about the image quality! This can prove to be very beneficial in the case of map-based questions, graph-related questions, and other questions that require images for clear understanding.

3. Scheduling online tests:

Teachers can schedule the test, that is, they can create it and then the system will automatically upload it in the future according to the teacher’s requirements. This feature enables the teachers to make the test available as per their convenience.

Simplifying the process of scheduling online tests

4. Questions with added explanations:

After the students complete the test, they can check their answers. Along with answers, there are explanations (i.e. solutions) given under the question. This will help the student check where he/she went wrong and hence, and will get a better understanding of the concept.

How to simplify the process of conducting online tests

5. Easy compilation of results:

Teachers need to put in a lot of time and effort to check each and every student’s answer sheet. Creating a test, and then checking individual answers can consume a lot of time, energy and sometimes it can also lead to errors in correction! Rootworkz aims to optimize this process. Our software automatically checks the answers and presents the results in the form of bar graphs and pie charts. This saves a lot of time and helps in an easy compilation of results!

How to simplify process of easy compilation of results in online assessments for educators.

6. Easy performance analysis:

Result compilation and analysis can be very time consuming when the students are high in number. This is where Rootworkz comes into the picture. Rootworkz compares students’ previous performances using bar graphs and pie charts. Each student can evaluate if his/her performance is going up or down, as compared to previous results. Rootworkz keeps a track of the performance of each test submitted by the student. This works in two ways. On one hand, it will help the teacher to analyze the performance of the individual, on the other hand, it’ll help the student to know which topics should he/she work upon.

7. Online tests can be updated easily by educators:

Teachers can update the test whenever they want. They can also edit any question in the test, according to their need. Hence, the tests can be updated with no hassle, whenever the teacher wants.


With all the amazing features listed above, we think that Rootworkz Pecan Learn will be an amazing platform for online teaching and conducting tests. It will assist the teachers in conducting tests, analyzing individual student’s performance, and compiling results effectively. We feel that Rootworkz will be a boon for teachers and institutes in creating an effective classroom-like atmosphere online.

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