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How to share news and notifications with a batch.

Notifications are important to let the students know about important messages and also for

other information to be conveyed urgently. Rootworkz offers an easy way to add

notifications. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

Open https://www.rootworkz.com/admin-login and enter your credentials. Click Login

to proceed.

Adding notifications in ROOTWORKZ

Step 2:

The admin dashboard appears. Now click on NEWS & NOTIFICATIONS to send out


Adding notifications in ROOTWORKZ

Step 3:

The “view news and notifications” page appears. This page shows the previously

created notifications. Click on “+ ADD NOTIFICATIONS” to add a new notification.

Adding notifications in ROOTWORKZ

Step 4:

Enter the “Heading”, “description” and click on SELECT FILE + to upload relevant

PDFs, word files, excel, image, and video files related to the notifications. Click on CREATE


Adding notifications in ROOTWORKZ

Step 5:

The notification is created and appears at the top. Teachers can edit the notifications

and update them when needed.

Adding notifications in ROOTWORKZ

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