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How to add images, rich text, formulae using RootWorkz Text Editor.

Creating tests with Rootworkz Pecan Learn is easy and hassle-free. Test questions are not limited to just text-form. Teachers can add various other objects, like images, templates, etc.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to create a test with interactive questions!

Step 1:

Open https://www.Rootworkz Pecan and enter your credentials. Click Login to proceed.

Setting up questions in Rootworkz Pecan Learn

Step 2:

Click on Create test to add batch details, create the questionnaire, add timing of test, and schedule the test.

Setting up questions in Rootworkz Pecan Learn

Step 3:

Enter the test name, batch name, subject, etc. Then click on CREATE QUESTIONNAIRE.

Setting up questions in Rootworkz Pecan Learn

Step 4:

Now comes the most important part, creating questions. Rootworkz Pecan Learn offers a wide range of options in creating interactive questions. Apart from text, the questions can have:

  • Images that can be added from your device or any other URL directly

  • Tables

  • Different templates

  • Elegant formatting styles

  • Options like Bold, italics, underline, and Strikethrough.

  • Superscript and subscript

  • Special characters

  • Flash Player

  • Colored text and colored background

  • Spell checker to make sure the questions are well composed

  • Various font styles with different sizes

  • Emoticons

Setting up questions in Rootworkz Pecan Learn

Rootworkz Pecan Learn makes it easy for teachers to create interactive tests. This ensures that the tests are not monotonous, and the students don’t find it tedious to attempt the test. This is a good way to make learning more effective and interesting.

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