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Smooth registration, swift creation of
tests and synchronized user- interface for you and your candidates.


Easy to Learn and Use

One-stop-destination for examination, preparation, recruitment, and more. Specially designed online examination system to solve all your preparation worries.


Highly Interactive Interface

A click to the next trick, simple registration, easy test and quiz creation, signing- in, synchronized processing, secured encoding and decoding of information and more.


Easy to Learn and Use

Instant scorecard generation, computational analysis, efficient feedback sharing to boost up your performance and precision.


Splendid Support

Your request and our actions to strive triggered support. A dedicated team is working round the clock to provide 24 X 7 streamlined access to our technical experts.


No software installations required

The platform is smooth to use with a translational flow of information.


Smart Subscriptions

Premium selection to the suited subscription that will match your preferences and priorities of using the online assessment platform.


The platform is smooth to use with a translational flow of information.


Active Accessibility

Go wherever you want to and practice whenever you want, using the next level online exam platform.


Secure & private

An ultimate combination of detailed and drilled methodologies that will eventually complement your skills and grades.

Fantastic Features 

The RootWorkz Pecan Learn Platform comes complete with everything you need to hit the ground teaching and learning. Get the Ultimate Learning Assessment Software

Online Assesment
Student Manager
Study Repository
Reporting & Analytics
Online Conferencing
Personalized Domain

Online Assessment Software

Add students, create groups, assign tests and monitor the performance of each student constantly to analyse and provide feedback.


Create Exams and Quizzes

You can create tests for your users to test their understanding of the subject being taught. Our test maker software highlights the correct , incorrect and non attempted questions for better analysis of the test for both teachers and the students. Rootworkz learning solutions provides a provision for saving the test for future use in case the admin wants to take a surprise test. 

Custom Test and Define Instructions

You can create new tests and quizzes by adding names & images, describe the marking scheme, time limits, add and import questions, etc. You can set the required movement, restrictions, mandate fields, and more. It is to assign the created test and quiz to the targeted user or batch. You can easily provide the instructions  to be followed by the users to appear for the test. 


Data Security

For data security, our test maker software uses industry leading GlobalSign SSL for encrypted and authenticated data communication. Once we receive the data, it is protected on our servers through a combination of physical and logical security safeguards at our data centre in India.

SMS Integrated Assessment Software

You get an SMS linked service which shall include details such as Name, Username, and Password of the users. Personalized SMS will be sent to the users about their login details and exam details.The users will be notified via SMS about their online quiz and tests directly from the system.

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